Irene Sgarbi

Certified Counselor at Centro Studi Terapia della Gestalt in Milan, with a four-years training in Psychosynthesis and a three-years intensive training in Neoreikian Therapy (Pulsation). I’ve expounded upon the techniques of de-conditioning from childhood (Primal Awareness, Trauma Healing) and the structure of the Inner Judge. I run individual and group sessions of Psychointegrated Emotional Release®.
Ample room is dedicated, with passion, to the re-equilibrium of personal and couple relationships. Meditation, breathing and listening to the emotions with which the body communicates, are an essential part of my approach to the individual.
I lead individual and group sessions of Psychointegrated Emotional Release®.

As counselor, I pay particular attention to the dynamics of a relationship, dependence and co-dependence, the re-elaboration of traumas, with a constant suggestion to listen to your body and the emotions with which it communicates.

Professional Training

Counselor in Gestalt Therapy with certified inscription FAIP. 3-years formation of counseling at the Centro Studi Terapia of Gestalt in Milan. The Counselor is a “Professional Figure” that, having followed a study course of at least three years, and therefore having gained a degree given by specific schools of formation with different theoric orientation, is able to present the solution of existential discomfort of psychic origin, that however don’t need a deep restructuring of the personality.

4-years formation in Psicosintesi at the Istituto di Psicosintesi in Milan.

Pulsation Trainer: biannual intensive formation of neoreikian Therapy “Osho Pulsation” with Aneesha Dillon, expert at teaching neoreiki at the Radix Institute in California.

Intensive workshops about the “Inner Judge”, birth and structure of the Super Ego with Rani Willems and Avikal Costantino.